Monday, April 30, 2012

An appreciator

Those of a young, fragile and ignorant mind have given it the sobriquet of “old people’s music”. Others simply regard it as monotonous. Despite the ample use of derogatory terms to describe this genre, I’ve developed a substantial amount of love and respect for this age old art form of fusing sounds to express abstract ideas. Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Abdullah Ibrahim, Jonas Gwangwa, Herbie Hancock, Hugh Masekela , Wes Montgomery   and Fela Kuti are among those who have composed and orchestrated songs that are simply beyond this world.

At an Abdullah Ibrahim concert, I was fortunate to hear the trombone, percussion, cello, saxophone, piano and trumpet converging to create a subtle and mellow tune that eased my mind. Like none other, this is a genre that provokes strange and unconventional thought. The use of an instrument to convey an ambiguous message only compels one to rid himself of that mindset that is prone to making superficial analyses and listen closely to what is being said. It’s only when one realizes that jazz goes beyond rhythm and vibe that he can be called an appreciator of jazz.   

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